What is NEO (NEO)?

If your intention is to buy Neo, you should comprehend the potential of the blockchain platform and the asset associated with. The technology relies on the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm that prevents unreliable members from participating in the blockchain's work. The technology is futureproof: the more users join the network, the more rapidly it accomplishes the transactions. A sudden increase in demand would not lead to a collapse. The blockchain operates with two coins: Neo and Gas. The former is used for investments plus voting for upgrades and improvements of the project. With the latter, one pays the commissions for the operations carried out within the network. In 2019, the EcoBoost initiative was established to stipulate technical, promotional and monetary assistance to startups built on this technology. Thanks to low entry barriers the blockchain attracts developers from all regions of the planet.

About NEO

The Neo platform, created in 2014, happened to be the pioneering public blockchain in China. Since then, it was frequently dubbed the “Asian alternative to the Ethereum blockchain platform”. During its first three years of existence, this network was promoted as Antshares but was rebranded later. This open-source venture has ambitions to evolve into “the next generation Internet”. The web as it exists today has too many shortcomings. Its primary drawback is that people can not control their private details. The masterminds of the Neo technology reckon that blockchain applications and smart contracts would soon become mainstream. Their verdict is that the future economy will be resting on digital identities, digitalized payments and cryptocurrencies — and their brainchild would operate as the basis for the breakthrough.

What is NEO (NEO)?

Reasons to buy Neo at P2PB2B

Buy with card

You can buy Neo with a credit card, using fiat money, or with another cryptocurrency.


The site operates remarkably fast, carrying out up to 10,000 trades every second.


95% of all tokens are stored in cold wallets so that hackers can not get hold of them. The Web Application Firewall provides an additional level of security.

Available on trades

The Neo crypto price is always kept at a competitive level — just like the prices of the other assets.


There will always be a sufficient supply of this token, even if you are planning to acquire large quantities.

Users Support

If you have questions regarding how to buy Neo cryptocurrency or carry out other operations, the multilingual customers' support will be eager to help you 24/7.

Further plans of the Neo platform

The Neo onchain crew aims to reach cross-chain interoperability with diverse blockchains in the perspective. That would allow public and private ventures to interconnect and jointly utilize information with the help of the Onchain. This market niche is empty, and Neo Onchain is planning to occupy it. For interoperability, trust is crucial — so Neo onchain is introducing its digital identity. Unlike Bitcoin, the venture will not be anonymous and noncontrollable. However, the Onchain digital identity will differentiate itself from the conventional “Know Your Customer” method that is typical of banking institutions. When introducing the digital identity, the Onchain would try to take into account the priorities of all members: private business, national and international regulators, individual users, miners and other contributors.