How To Buy Tron (TRX) Cryptocurrency ?

Tron is a platform based on blockchain and created for making a global decentralized entertainment network with its own cryptocurrency indicated as TRX which you can easily buy, sell, and store in your wallet. Continue reading to find out how to buy Tron crypto and get to know many interesting details concerning this coin. The Tron project is often called a social media of the new generation where users can share games and content of other types with anyone all over the world. Tronix (or TRX) is the basic unit of accounts in the Tron blockchain. It is the cryptocurrency of this platform that you can buy and sell on a crypto exchange. Tron is a rather cheap cryptocurrency: the cost of this token is much less than $1 making it perfect for beginners. But experienced traders also tend to buy TRX since the project is quite promising. Note that at the beginning TRX rose in price significantly. Let us tell you the history of TRX and some interesting facts that can help you to decide whether to buy Tron crypto.

The Beginning of Tron

TRX that you can buy on various exchanges was introduced in 2017. It uses a protocol that reminds Ethereum in a way, but having better bandwidth: the Tron network can process nearly 2000 transactions per second. Besides, the blockchain of Tron allows creating DApps for the gaming industry. You can buy Tron crypto on many exchanges (mining of TRX is unavailable since all coins are already in circulation). The Tron project was started by Justin Sun, the founder of Peiwo (a Chinese alternative to Snapchat that already has more than 10 million users.) Justin is included in the Forbes Asia's TOP-30 list and works together with Feng Li, who is an adviser of Ripple. Experienced blockchain enthusiasts from Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu have been developing the platform. Tron is supported by several companies, for example, a leading manufacturer of chips ASIC used for mining Bitcoin. Buying TRX crypto may be a good investment because the project has been developing quite rapidly and has strong support.

How To Buy Tron (TRX) Coin Cryptocurrency

The Roadmap Of Tron


2017-2108. Introduction of a reliable and free of charge network for storing and distributing data.


2019-2020. Creating a competitive blockchain-based environment with fair rewards for every creator and distributor of content.

The Great Journey

2020-2021. The blockchain is to solve the main problems associated with measuring income, paying dividends, and managing support.


2021-2023. Every content author gets a possibility to create tokens. This platform is going to enable free exchanging, buying, and selling of all internal and supported tokens.

Star Trek

2023-2025. The open source enables developers to create their own platforms using Tron.


2025-2027. Providing opportunities for creating online easily-customized platforms.

TRX Price History And Market Cap

In autumn 2017, TRX appeared on a crypto exchange for 1 cent with a market capitalization of $70 million. Its huge reserves (99,222,599,901 tokens) and a low price helped Torn to be added to the crypto TOP-15. But in the beginning, users did not buy TRX as much as expected and the rate remained at the same level. Later, thanks to a good PR campaign, attracting investors, and funding the market cap reached $160 million. At that time one token cost 6 cents. By January, the cap of the project exceeded $2 billion, to buy TRX one needed 10-20 cents. But due to an unauthorized selling of a huge number of tokens from a Binance account (6 billion TRX equal to $300 million), the cost of the Tron crypto dropped to 4 cents. Crypto experts have different opinions concerning the further development of TRX. Most of them agree that buying TRX is a rather solid investment.